Medical weight-loss centers are able to work with people struggling with obesity, even when medications aren’t effective. Medical Weight Loss is valuable for individuals who may not see the results they want from traditional nonmedical weight loss programs.

Medical Weight Loss helps to integrate medical care into the weight management process; in some cases this means taking over for ineffective or dangerous medication or supplements.

Medical Weight Loss also recognizes that an individual’s ability to make changes in diet and activity level will differ depending on their current physical condition; Medical Weight Loss plans take these differences into account when developing sustainable solutions.

Medical Weight Loss also helps to manage low-grade systemic inflammation, which can contribute to insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease.

Medical Weight Loss addresses medical issues like: diabetes (type II and gestational); high blood pressure; and the metabolic syndrome. Medical weight-loss centers integrate diet, supplements, exercise training programs, behavior modification coaching, drug therapy or surgery as appropriate into an individualized plan for each patient..

Medical Weight Loss recognizes that only a minority of people who are overweight have true hormonal abnormalities that require medication to correct them – but even those people will still benefit from Medical Weight Loss plans which include exercise training programs designed to increase lean body mass.

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Matthew C.

“I’ve been coming here for years and Dr. Lee is truly an amazing Doctor and one of the few who can adjust me and provide me with immediate relief. Recently he added 2 amazing massage therapists in Chelsea and Jodi and I started getting massages before my adjustments and the combination of massage and a chiropractic adjustment has me feeling great.”


Jamie C.

“I had a great initial experience at this office. The Office Specialist who greeted me was very knowledgeable and kind. Dr. Lee is clearly a intelligent businessman and his Chiropractic technique was remarkable. I’ve seen multiple Chiropractors, by choice, for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and once for an auto accident prior. Dr. Lee knew how to care for my individual circumstance; being 22 weeks pregnant…”


Cecilia S.

“Can always rely on Gulf Coast to get me feeling better! Chelsea gives the most relaxing and therapeutic massages and Dr. Lee is the best, I won’t go anywhere else for my adjustments. Will definitely be back for more!”


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